Cabin-Sole options.......the floor of your boat !!!

We have plywood, solid teak, vinyl, carpet or laminate to choose from.....

The only recommended one for exterior purposes will be our ST Decking

Cabin-Sole Plywood is on a marine-plywood core, in the following configurations

Wood Products Laminates Vinyl Carpet
Teak-Holly Plywood:

(Holly is the white line used in the cabin-sole process, but is rarely the actual 'Holly' species. It is a white maple or Ramin (or similar) white wood used

The main width of the teak here is 60.7mm (2 3/8") with the 'Holly' being 6mm (1/4")

This is available in 4 x 8's and 4 x 10's

MarineLam Flooring:Laminate flooring with different patterns available, click here for details  

Lonseal Flooring:

Vinyl cabin-sole flooring for your interior areas. 2.5mm thick x 6' wide, any length you need !

Cabin-Sole Carpet
Teak-Holly narrow: This is the same as above. except for the spacings are as follows: 40mm Teak (1 5/8") x 4mm (3/16")     Cabin Sole Carpet
Teak & Black Plywood


Teak with a black wood line

    Cabin Sole Carpet
Cherry-Holly     MarineTuft
Cherry-Black (A black line used to imitate/simulate a rubber line)     MarineTuft


Quarter Sawn Mahogany, laid out the same as traditional cabin-sole (60.7 x 6mm)

Teak-Holly Premium: This is available in a 4 x 10 x 3/8" thickness sheet (3050 x 1220 x 9mm) The thickness of the teak veneer is 2mm.      

Teak & Rubber Plywood:

 A good thickness of teak veneer (1.2mm) in 4 x 10 sheets. Thicknesses of 6mm and 9mm available. The rubber inlay goes beyond the teak thickness, providing good durability of product.


ST Decking:

Solid Teak Decking sheets for the exterior or interior. Click here for more details


Solid Teak strips:

1/2" or 3/4" Decking strips in different lengths and widths, quarter sawn on face.



Here is our table showing the options and use for each

Cabin-Sole Type Interior EExteriorrior 4 x 8 4 x 10 Pricing compare 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm
MarineLam Yes ! buy here   $4.25-$5.00      
Teak-Holly Yes ! buy here   $5.50-7.85 ft2      
Teak-Black Yes ! buy here   $6.50-7.85 ft2      
Cherry-Holly Yes ! buy here   $6.50-7.85 ft2      
Cherry-Black Yes ! buy here   $6.50-7.85 ft2      
Mahogany-Holly Yes ! buy here   $6.50-7.85 ft2      
Teak-Rubber Yes ! buy here     $9.90-11.50 ft2      
ST Decking   Yes ! buy here $45-55 ft2      
Lonseal Teak-Holly Yes ! buy here   6' wide x any length $8.00 ft2      
MarineTuft Carpet     6',7' or 13' wide $6.50 ft2        
Solid teak Strips   Yes ! buy here 47mm widths $20-35 ft2 8'=$31.60 10'=$39.50 12'=$47.40 14'=$55.30