LONWOOD Teak-Holly


Lonwood Teak-Holly, 2mm thick x 6' wide, x any length

Artfully blending the distinguished look of teak and holly strip-wood decks with the superior durability of Lonseal's resilient sheet, Lonwood Teak & Holly brings elegant wood-grain aesthetics to your ship or vehicle interiors with greater economy and simpler upkeep.

Width of roll: 6' wide x any length of your choice (up to 60')

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Applications Excellent for interior marine floor use in Deck areas and bathrooms.

Limitations Interior use only. Should not be installed where subject to extreme mechanical abuse, such as heavy wheeled carts, golf spikes, in commercial kitchens or outdoors.

Suitable Substrates Subject to Lonseal’s Technical Manual for Interior Installation – Concrete (all grade levels), underlayment grade plywood, metal, terrazzo, and most existing single layer resilient flooring.

Composition Constructed in multiple layers with a smooth surface, LONWOOD Teak-Holly is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, plasticizers, fillers, and pigments.

The co-calendared wear layer is formulated to provide maximum resistance to foot traffic and most commercial & healthcare chemicals. The middle layer provides dimensional stability, sound-absorbing properties, and resiliency under foot. The backing layer provides strength and stability of the flooring and enhances the bonding strength of the adhesive.Lonwood Teak-Holly, 2mm thick x 6' wide, x any length

Standard Sizes Nominal thickness: .080” (2.0 mm)

Co-calendared wear layer: .032” (0.8 mm)

Middle and backing layers: .048” (1.2 mm)

Roll Size 72” (1,830 mm) wide x 60’ (18.28 m) long

Weight .7 lb./sq. ft., 245 lb./Roll


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Applicable Standards

NOTE: Contact Lonseal for current approval status.

Type: I

Grade: l

Backing: Class A

Conforms with ASTM F 1303-95

Coefficient of Friction (COF):

(ASTM C 1028-89) Surpasses former ADA guidelines

(ASTM F 1679-00) Dry and Flat – Surpasses former ADA guidelines

COF NOTES: In-service COF dependent on several factors, which are out of Lonseal’s control:

■ Floor cleanliness and maintenance

■ The type of dressing applied. Check with dressing manufacturer to obtain their COF figures

■ Spillages, tracked in contaminats, type of footwear and individual physiology

Flame Spread: (ASTM E 648-97) Class 1 per NFPA 253

Smoke Density: (ASTM E662/NFPA 258)

Electrical Resistance(Ohms): (ANSI/ESD 7.1)

Surface to Ground 50% RH = 5.3 x 1010 12%RH = 6.2 x 1010

Surface to Surface 50% RH = 1.6 x 1011 12%RH = 1.9 x 1011

Abrasion Resistance: (ASTM D 3884) Net Weight Loss after 1000 revolutions 0.62%

1Static Load Limit: (ASTM F 970-87) Residual compression – after exposure to a load of 125 lbs./24 hr. – .000”

Flexibility: (ASTM F 137) Passes

Chemical Resistance: (ASTM F 925-85)

O 5% Ammonia O Bleach

O 5% Ascetic Acid O 5% Phenol

O 70% Isopropyl Alcohol O Gasoline

O 5% Sodium Hydroxide O Sulfuric Acid

O 5% Hydrochloric Acid O Kerosene

O Mineral Oil O Olive Oil

INSTALLATION Refer to Lonseal’s Technical Manual for Interior Installation for detailed information.

Storage Store all flooring materials in a clean, dry environment with unopened rolls standing on end.

Site Conditions Using the permanent HVAC maintain temperature of storage and work areas between 65º F and 85º F (18º C and 29º C) for a minimum of 48 hours before, during installation, and for a minimum of 48 hours afterward.

Adhesives and Seam Treatment Select for type of surface /substrate /application

For all porous, non-porous and vertical applications: No. 555A Transitional Acrylic

Contact on all substrates: No. 400 Contact

Extreme service requirements: No. 300 Epoxy

Under seams: Lonseal Double Face Tape

Chemical seam sealer: Lonsealer

Heat weldable: Specify matching thread where available

Subfloor Considerations All substrates must be solid and free of contaminants; be clean, dry, properly acclimated and smoothed with approved latex reinforced-Portland based compound.

Installing Allow time for material to relax. Use correct adhesive(s). Roll immediately. Seal seams.

Post Installation Clean and protect the new flooring from construction traffic with non-staining untempered hardboard or Homasote panels.

MAINTENANCE Detailed maintenance and troubleshooting instructions are contained in Lonseal’s Technical Manual for Interior Installation.

Lonwood Teak-Holly, 2mm thick x 6' wide, x any lengthMop with neutral cleaner. Lonseal recommends maintenance products by TASKI and 3M.

Use walk-off matting to minimize effects of tracked-in abrasive dirt and grit. Use adequate furniture rests to avoid unsightly dents and gouges.

AVAILABILITY AND COST: In stock, ready-to-ship via UPS/Fedex, or common-carrier.

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WARRANTY Lonseal offers a 7-year limited warranty. Limitations include exposure to certain rubber items. For details, see Lonseal’s Technical Manual for Interior Installation.

TECHNICAL SERVICES Contact the Lonseal Customer Service department for product samples, specification data and technical support.

■ Brochures, test reports, product data, specifications, and details are available upon request.

NOTE: Because they contain an average of 20% post-industrial recycled vinyl, all Lonseal products qualify for LEED points under MR 4.1.

1NOTE: ASTM F 970 is a Pass/Fail test. To pass, residual indentation must be less than .007”. This test does not establish load limit, only recovery from indentation.

All warranties, specifications, and instructions are subject to periodic change without advance notice. Please refer to the Lonseal website (www.lonseal.com) for up-to-date technical information.

O=No (Change) M=Moderate S=Slight V=Severe

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