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Reef Guns from Koah ad WorldPanel Products Inc

The backbone of KOAH spearguns, the Fatback was built to be your go-to gun in any environment .It is solid weight ballasted/balanced, trimmed down and rounded in the middle for easy tracking and comfortable grip . Channels were removed in the top of the gun to give better line of sight by keeping the bands away from the shaft. The muzzle has individual band holes for each band to bring ease to band changes. The gun is equally thick at the front and rear of the gun so adding spare shafts/holders isn't a problem.The KOAH Fatback will deliver the optimum balance of mobility, power, tracking and accuracy while minimizing recoil every time you fire.

Koah Spearguns

KOAH Mid Handle and Rear Handle plus spearguns were built to maximize band stretch by utilizing the entire stock of the speargun. This is accomplished by moving the trigger mechanism to the rear of the gun and adding a remote trigger and push rod to control the mechanism from a more forward position. This allows you to get the maximum power in a smaller package. For  example, a 50in Rear handle plus would have the equivalent band stretch and shaft of a 54 standard. The Mid Handle's unique handle position allows spearfishermen to pivot  and swing the gun with little effort for fish that catch you off guard or are on the run. 

Koah Spearguns

After extensive testing the KOAH Euro is complete and outfitted to take down anything in its reach. Slim, sleek, and lead balanced this speargun is sure to set the bar in performance spearguns. Equipped with 9/32  poured enclosed track , two 5/8 bands, reverse trigger mechanism for an additional two inches of band stretch and an aggressive rake (angle)  handle to even out the weight of having the entire stock in front of you. The muzzle and side channels were designed to pull the inner band close to the shaft, down the length of the speargun to create lateral band pull which greatly reduces recoil. Guns are measured from front of Trigger mechanism to tip of muzzle. Total stock (from gun butt to tip of muzzle) is as follows... 100cm has 48" stock,  110cm has 52" stock, 120cm has 56" stock, 130cm has 60" stock and 140cm has 63" stock.  

Koah Reef-guns

The Koah Euro LS has all the benefits of the traditional euro with an additional 4 inches behind the trigger mechanism to put more space between the shaft loading fins and the diver. This allows for hip loading and easier chest loading.  This space also creates a higher pivot point on the speargun for assisted tracking.  Available in 100LS which has a 52" stock, 110LS has a 56" stock and 120LS has a 60" over all stock. 

Koah reef-guns

The Ultimate Freeshafting Speargun. The Battle axe was born from the demand to have a freeshafting speargun with the ability to switch to line shaft instantly without having to re-line the gun or leave the mono hanging to catch on anything below it. With the combination of a machined line release, specialized bungee with 600lb spectra and the blueprint from its predecessor , the "Click n Fire" it was possible.

The line actually stays tight to the gun when you switch to the line system and stays tightly stowed when free shafting.  The versatile line system is located completely on the bottom of the gun to stay clear of the optional two spare shafts. The speargun is built with a 3/4 long epoxy/graphite enclosed track to keep the guess work out of getting the shaft back into the track while still having the accuracy and performance of an enclosed track.  The gun has a wide loading butt to make hip loading as easy as possible with two 5/8 bands give you the option for more or less power. A go-pro mount is also installed on every battle axe to give you the option to mount either a go pro camera or the optional Koah Q40 light/ holder combo with the surprisingly powerful eLED light. 

We also offer Genuine Teak and Mahogany

Koah shortie

Best way to describe the Koah Shortie would be " The Pistol of KOAH spearguns". Ranging from 28-38 inches in size, the primary function of the shortie is to wedge in places others cannot. Servers as a great hole gun as well as an easy to carry speargun when lobstering.  Very popular in the Keys where hog-fish and snapper are common. Comes stock with a stout 8mm shaft and (2) 5/8 bands to give you an effective 12-14ft of accurate range. Maximum band stretch is utilized by placing the handle and trigger mechanism at the farthest rear placement point. Click on the image for a closer view.