Our hands on approach that we have with our tambour ensures that you get the highest quality tambour wood panels available at a fair price.  By hand selecting each individual slat, and using only the highest grade veneers, we can ensure quality that no one can compete with in the industry.  No matter if you are looking for red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, poplar, or more, we can produce it for you!

Veneer Options

Available in red oak, white oak, maple and brushed aluminum options, 4'x8' panels quickly transform any space at an affordable price!

  • All veneers are 4'x8' flexible panels

  • They are 5/32" thick with a 30 degree bevel

  • Slats run the 8' direction

  • Multiple slat widths available, 1/2", 3/4" 1.5" and custom sizes can be made upon request.

  • Real Wood face - Finish the traditional techniques including staining or painting

  • Easily glue up to almost any substrate

  • Also great for sliding tambour doors, cabinet faces, and wainscot.

Solid Wood Tambour

Available in poplar, red oak, maple, knotty alder, red grandis, birch, cherry, white oak, sapele, teak, walnut and more, add character to any environment.  

  • All panels are 12" wide x 96" and longer and are on a flexible backer - install on a flat surface or use around curves.

  • We manufacture custom panels up to 12' tall (wood species dependent) and up to 30" wide

  • Panels are sold by the even foot slat length above 3'.

  • If you're interested in something not shown, call us and we'll try to find it for you!

  • Typically if not in stock, the lead time is 3-7 weeks.  Please call ahead to plan accordingly (561) 840-0500.

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