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Prices are per sq ft,

(Please note color representations are only approx. Please ask for samples if you need to match-up etc)


Brookline® Paperback Veneers
Bonded through heat and pressure to a variety of backings, the backed veneers are stress-relieved, sanded and trimmed. The resulting product is an extremely flexible veneer that is ideal for laminating to curved or flat surfaces. 

We produce Braewood® by laminating Brookline® veneer to a paper impregnated with phenolic resin. The resulting product can be fabricated with the ease of a decorative laminate and requires only light sanding before finishing. 

Braewood® Prefinished
This line of Braewood® is finished with a specially designed matte polyurethane coating. The process yields a durable, transparent coating which is resistant to water and heat. Each sheet is post-formable and available with a protective peel sheet. 



Engineered Braewood Veneers

Teak, Mahogany, Cabin-Sole and Synthetic Decking also available!

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