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Marine Structural & Decorative Panels


 BS1088 Specification


If you are looking for a Specialty Marine Panel, please call us, we have a variety of items to assist you that can be used for decking, acoustic-critical areas, lightweight applications etc. 

Our Marine Plywoods here feature various aspects.

  • All of our Plywoods carry at least an Exterior Glue line with cores ranging from non-durable (lightweight) to a moderately durable core, (heavier)

  • Our Okoume, HydroCore & Sapele Marine Plywood all pass the BS1088 standard, and some of our Okoume products carry the LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING APPROVAL STAMP on each board

  • Our BS 1088 Plywoods carry a 10 Year Guarantee against delaminating, and allow you to build with a plywood that is manufactured in accordance with this standard, which is widely specified in the Marine Industry.

  • Decorative Marine Plywoods...saving you time and money in the interior areas of your boat project.

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