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Decorative Tambours

Welcome to our collection of Solid natural wood Tambours !

The ability to curve around corners and columns, or simply lay flat gives you the flexibility to showcase a professional look in homes, offices and commercial surroundings like hotels and restaurants.

Durability in the wood species will help maintain a long lasting product in your projected environment. Our panels can also be stained, fire treated or even painted to match the surrounding architecture.

Sizes are 8' and longer x 12" wide normally.

Need something custom, simply let us know and we will accommodate your needs as best as possible. Click here to email us

Species available include:

White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Mahogany, White Ash, Walnut and Poplar, normally selected for paint-grade purposes.

Our Tambour is all on a kraft paper backing, which assists in sizing, cutting etc. and also provides for an easy installation.

Our panels can be glued onto any substrate using common adhesives.

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