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Nautik Flor a 100% waterproof floor for your Yacht or Boat


All the benefits of wood flooring with out the cost and maintenance

NautikFlor is recommended for interior usage on marine vessels because of its maintenance free nature and their manufacturing process meant to nullify the affects of water.

The planks perfectly recreate the look and textures of actual wood and teak flooring for a fraction of the price. NautikFlor planks WILL NOT ​rot, crack, rust or corrode because they are water and abrasion resistant. NautikFlor is stain resistant and can be polished on varnished to reclaim a pristine, freshly installed look.


Authentic Nautical Look with Custom Options

The HD printing process flawlessly duplicates the look of synthetic teak. The technology also allows for logos and names to be positioned anywhere on the planks.

Click System

NautikFlor is emphasized as a DIY product because the angled click system is very simple to use. Glue simply needs to be placed under the planks before they are layed down to prevent shifting on boats. Floating floor application is possible for residential settings.


An Eco-Friendly Product featuring a 100% Waterproof Hydro Board

Waterproofing is not only convenient, it is protective. Save on replacing planks or other components of your boat with NautikFlor planks.

Lightweight & Durable



You don’t want to drag down 1.1 lbs /sq ft compared to 2.3 lbs / sq ft of traditional teak.


Available Colors


Teak and Holly

Cherry and Holly


Teak and Black

Cherry and Black

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