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PVC Foam (Aqua-Plas 1) 


Foam polyvinyl chloride sheet (FPVC) is a lightweight alternative to solid PVC and other materials, handling heavy loads with ease and maintaining its good looks in the process. For marine applications, World Panel Products, Inc. stocks quality marine grade PVC foam sheet products, including Aqua Plas® I, Aqua Plas® III, Aqua Plas® IV, and Seaboard® .

Aqua Plas® I Ultra is used in marine upholstery applications and is known for its excellent staple and screw retention. It is also known for its superior impact strength compared to other PVC foam in the market. Lightweight and environmentally friendly, Aqua Plas® I Ultra is available in 1/4” to 3/4” thicknesses in white; limited thicknesses also offered in gray.



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