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Cabin Sole options...the floor of your boat!



Wood Products

Teak-Holly Plywood:

(Holly is the white line

used in the cabin-sole

process, but is rarely the

actual 'Holly' species. It is a white maple or Ramin (or similar) white wood used

The main width of the teak here is 60.7mm (2 3/8") with the 'Holly' being 6mm (1/4")

This is available in 4 x 8's and 4 x 10's


Teak-Holly narrow:

This is the same as above. except for the spacings are as follows: 40mm Teak (1 5/8") x 4mm (3/16")






Teak with a black wood line














(A black line used to imitate/simulate a rubber line)







Quarter Sawn Mahogany,

laid out the same as traditional cabin-sole

(60.7 x 6mm)







Teak-Holly Premium:

 This is available in a 4 x 10 x 3/8"

thickness sheet (3050 x 1220 x 9mm)

The thickness of the teak veneer is 2mm.







Teak & Rubber Plywood:

 A good thickness of teak veneer (1.2mm) in 4 x 10 sheets.

Thicknesses of 6mm and 9mm available.

The rubber inlay goes beyond the teak thickness,

providing good durability of product.




ST Decking:

Solid Teak Decking sheets for the exterior or interior.

 Click here for more details








MarineLam Flooring:

Laminate flooring with different

patterns available,

 click here for details







Lonseal Flooring:

Vinyl cabin-sole flooring for your interior areas. 2.5mm thick x 6' wide,

any length you need!









World Panel Products Inc 

Cabin-Sole options

Click on our slideshow to see our various options for cabin-sole in your boat.

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