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Our source of supply...Teak Logs

Due diligence is a continuous process, just like quality control.

For our Teak shipments, Nature's Barcode™ (DoubleHelix) is a comprehensive risk-based approach to verification, which brings you quality and legality assurance on your teak products sourced from us.

All Nature's Barcode™ products are verified by DoubleHelix to be legally harvested and manufactured with consistent species and origin of raw material. Timber from Myanmar needs to be verified for authenticity and legality.The verification

service provides the highest possible level of assurance that your timber products have been legally

transported, purchased and processed according to the laws of Myanmar and any other country of

manufacture. DoubleHelix is also the only international organisation so far to obtain permission to visit

Myanmar's teak forests to obtain harvest and log transport documentation stored in forest offices.

Every shipment of logs is carefully inspected during the procurement process to identify and

classify according to its origin, form, grade and defects. Only logs from qualified sites with quality

that meets our standards are selected. 

Teak Decking Products:

We supply the top quarter-sawn grade of first class quality Teak Decking for

Yachts of all sizes. The grading rules that our factories uses assures that the

product will strictly comply with deck grading rules.

Our standard size are 0.5" x 2", 1.25" x 2.5",

1" x 4" ,1" x 5" and 2.5" x 5".

All are 10' & longer. Other sizes can be supplied upon request.
We also can supply kiln dried and machined decking to

customer's order profiles. 


Teak Sizes & Availability:

We supply  First European Quality (F.E.Q), and Decking Grade.

Standard export specifications are in kiln dried only.

Kiln drying is done at the factory before shipping to the USA.



Thickness :  0.75",  1", 1.25",  1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" & 4" *4/4-8/4-10/4-12/4-16/4

Widths :  6" & wider up to 24" for cover-board stock (14' to 22' long)

Lengths :  6' & longer, also 3' - 5.5'. Longer lengths up to 24'



 Thickness :  2.5" & thicker

 Widths :  6" & wider

 Lengths :  6' & up



Thickness :  0.75",  1", 1.25",  1.5", 2",  2.5",  3"

Widths :  2",  3",  4",  5"

Lengths :  6' & longer, also 3' - 5.5'


Technical Information on our Genuine Teak

Teak (tectona grandis)

Moisture Content:9-15%

Bending Strength: 100 N/mm2

MOE: 12627 N/mm2

Compression parallel to grain: 57.6 N/mm2

Hardness (radial):436kg

Impact Max drop: 787mm

Genuine Teak Lumber

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